I am a musician.

I’m an orchestra conductor, a freelance horn player, a music theorist, a music teacher, a pianist, an accompanist, an arranger, and a new composer.

My curiosity and my desire to learn everything I can about music–its history, the theory, the performance practices– has motivated me to approach music from all angles. When performing, either on the piano, horn, or conducting, I use this knowledge to enhance music interpretation.

As a music theorist, my approach has always been based on the practical or on the application of music theory concepts to practice. It is this combination of the music scholar with the performer that makes me the musician that I am.

In my teaching, I hope to empower my students with the knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to express themselves musically whether they are at the beginning of their musical journey or are more musically proficient and are refining their craft.


pic-hilarie01It is my goal to enrich each student’s joy of music and perhaps, inspire unpredictable brilliance.

I teach from the beginner to the more musically proficient, sensitive to different learning styles and career aspirations. Each student has different perspectives, different strengths and weaknesses. I offer creative teaching solutions that help the student to fulfill or surpass their expectations.

Music has the power to change lives and if I can be part of this positive process, I have succeeded.

I aim to motivate and inspire the student to perform at a higher caliber or to understand with greater depth. However, my high aspirations for each student are balanced with my patience, humor, and joy of the subject matter.

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